Program and Planning of Fencing Installation

When you consider installation chain link fence or other fencing systems, you should read the following possible progress we gained from our experience of installing for our customers.

A detailed program of work shall include the following:

i) Start and Completion date

ii) Establishment of Site Office and mobilization at Site

iii) Fence Installation Site survey report.

iv) Excavation/ leveling

i) Preparation of working drawings

ii) Date of inspection of fencing material at the Manufacturer’s premises. 

vi) Procurement, shipment and delivery of material at site.

vii) Reinforced Concrete Works

viii) Fabrication / installation of chain link fence and Gates

ix) Earthing works for wire mesh fence & Gates

x) Testing /inspection

xi) Manpower histogram indicating total manpower by trade and organization chart.

xiii) Progress Curve (S-curve) based on early start date of project activities.

xiv) De-mobilization/Site clearance.

11.3 Submit on each working day a daily report

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